Comfortable Sandals That Are Cute - YES WAY!

Comfortable Sandals That Are Cute - YES WAY!

Hi I’m Linda Stevenson, a freelance fashion writer for over 35 years now, yes I had no greys when I started writing. Would you believe me if I said I started working on the typewriter, that's right, no stop guessing my age. After about 5 years into writing I saw DOS computers, later I saw laptops, mobile phones, smartphones and the list goes on. So many changes, I cannot keep track, oh wait one thing didn’t change - Comfortable Sandals That Are Cute - NOOO WAY! Finally, something that didn't change, since time immemorial in the fashion industry comfort and style didn’t really merge, especially in women’s footwear.

Thank you for choosing to read ahead, I lost 7 out of 10 readers back there, you are special and loved. Back to the point, what if I say it is going to change, WHAT - yes, style and comfort is no more parallel, they intersect at Comfy Sandals. A small Canadian company set in the snowy Greater Toronto area is revolutionizing the women’s fashion industry, I had to review their products. 

The magic of 23

So if you go to their website -, it's a no-frills website with exactly 23 products. Being the nosy curious journalist that I am, I did ask the founder Ms. Renee Wilson about the magic number. Much to my surprise, Ms. Wilson is three decades younger than me and she has one product for every year in her life. Wow, what a tribute to those sprained legs that chose style over comfort and took the pain. All girls have gone through this and feel the pain as our own. She intends to add one product every year on her birthday and is certainly focussed on quality over quantity.

The way I work with footwear reviews, I do not take free samples as it creates an unnecessary obligation on our part to say at least one good thing. I call a spade a spade and that’s exactly why I don’t have many friends except for this 20 year old Montblank. With Comfy Sandals too I’m doing what I always do, order one unit of all their products and in this case it's only 23 pairs of sandals. I normally wear them for a week and return all the products after reviewing them.

23 is here 

As I receive boxes after boxes of footwear, I cannot help but stop and think about Ms. Wilson and her reason behind the number of products. It's the D day and I cannot wait to try them on. As I opened all of the 23 boxes, one thing that certainly stands out is that these sandals are a class apart when it comes to the style factor. The stitching is perfect, the color blend is astonishingly well done, the cushion looks soft and comfy and the list goes on. The best part is that you can get them at only $39.99. So from a style point of view, best sandals you can get at that price- Verdict.

Overall Verdict

I only have great things to say about these sandals. Available in multiple colors and elegant patterns, they are equally wonderful to wear. Ms. Wilson has done a fantastic job curating these babies and ensuring perfection. It feels strange for me to say but I’m not planning on returning any of these sandals as I have officially fallen in love with the 23.

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