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Top 5 Most Comfortable and Stylish Sandals to Wear This Summer!

This summer is all about making most of the time that has been lost, so everyone is encouraged to show up and show out! We can help you to look your very best this season while still keeping comfort in mind.  Whether you are on the go, going out for dinner or even just taking part in a stroll by the beach, we have the perfect sandals for you!    At the Comfy Sandals, you will find all the sandals that you need to have the most comfortable and fashionable summer ever! In this blog post, we will be discussing the top 5 most comfy and stylish sandals that you can try out or gift to a loved one this summer!  Comfort...

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Comfortable Sandals That Are Cute - YES WAY!

Available in multiple colors and elegant patterns, they are equally wonderful to wear. Ms. Wilson has done a fantastic job curating these babies and ensuring perfection. It feels strange for me to say but I’m not planning on returning any of these sandals as I have officially fallen in love with the 23.

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Top 10 Vacation Destinations For 2020

To travel is to live.  With a brand new year, comes brand new travels. We see 2020 as the perfect time to start checking destinations off your bucket list. It is the year of perfect vision after all, right? Traveling allows us to experience life in different ways. It’s an exciting remedy for anxiety and depression. Leave behind the stresses of 2019. It’s time to walk through new cities, run through lush fields, and step into warmer sands. We’ve found the top 10 Vacation Destinations for you to travel to this year. Whether you love nature, the city, or the beach - there’s a place for you below!  Check out these breathtaking destinations:  Barcelona, Spain A beautiful city on the...

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Your Sandal Shopping Guide

Nothing screams warmer weather better than sandals!  They’re the shoe that lets your feet breath but also looks amazing with summer fits! We figured that we should give you a guide to buying sandals so you can prepare for the summer months earlier! We’ll touch on 3 key things: Comfort, Style, and Durability. Guide Tip 1: Find Comfort First There is nothing worse than buying beautiful sandals and realizing that they are extremely uncomfortable. We understand, you want to look your best, but sacrificing comfort is never the answer. Especially if you’re looking for a shoe that you can wear often.   A quick way to find out if a shoe will be comfortable is by looking at the sole and...

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